10 amazing Android tips you should know

10 amazing Android tips you should know

Do you know what is the latest version of Android? Yes, all of us know it. The answer is Android 12. Android has spread out in such a way that there is no way to know the answer. Today I am going to share with you about 10 amazing Android tips. These will surely charm you.

In fact maximum people do not know when Android is launched first. It is not a matter when Android was first come out. The matter is all of us use Android now. From the first version to the latest version of Android, many improvements are made and many amazing features are revealed.

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10 amazing Android tips

But maximum users are not aware of some amazing Android tips that make a user smarter. Now we are going to discuss with you about 10 amazing Android tips.

How to search contact names by keypad

When we need to call any person then we go to contact list, find out the name and call all the person. Here we use the keyboard. Do you know that by the use of the keypad we find any saved contact? There are two processes by which we can find any contact number.
  ▪︎By number: It is very easy. Suppose you have saved a number which is 017**397842. Now if you write to the keypad 784/978/842/9784 etc (same order according to the saved contact and at least 3 numbers) you will find the number. Note: the number you write to the keypad what is contained by another contact then it will also be shown. Check the below picture and understand the tricks easily:
write numbers on keypad
   ▪︎By name: Look at the keypad. Here we get numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * and #. If we notice that keypad very clearly then we find English letters are written bottom of each number. As example
           2 contains A,B,C;
           3 contains D,E,F;
           4 contains G,H,I;
           5 contains J,K,L;
           6 contains M,N,O;
           7 contains P,Q,R,S;
           8 contains T,U,V;
           9 contains W,X,Y,Z.
Here is the trick. Let’s explain it. Suppose you want to find out a contact named LABIB. The first letter is L and 5 contains L;  A, B is placed in 2; I is placed in 4. So we have to write 52242. Then the contact LABIB comes out.
Check the picture below:
check result
You should know that this two methods work together. I wrote to the keypad 529 and see the result:
see the result
I hope you understand the process. You can use this trick even in some button phones.

How to use One hand mode

This feature is very interesting. Though we do not use the feature at all, but it is very effective when necessary. From the name one hand mode we can understand that the phone will be used by one hand. When you use this feature, the display of the phone will be smaller, and you can handle it very easily with one hand.
How can you use this feature? Follow the steps:
  1. go to Settings
  2. then go to Avdanced Features 
  3. you will find One hand mode option
  4. Now enable it and use this feature.
If you use this feature, then you must love it. Or if you do not know about this feature, use it and I hope you will enjoy it.

How to use Nearby share

We are using many apps to share files. Most of the apps are not safe for our Android mobile. Some apps are dangerous too. Rather using other apps, a good amount of storage of our phone will be used. Let think you do not use the apps for sharing files. The Android has taken this feature to share files between us without any other app. This application is installed in our phone by default. You can see it from Shortcut menu. If you do not see it then go to Settings and search for nearby share. When you find the option Nearby Share then enable it and you can use this amazing feature.
enable nearby share

How to see saved password on Google Chrome

We have to sign in different sites. Then we need a password. When we sign in from Chrome, then the password is saved in the Chrome. If a password is saved, then we do not rewrite it at the time of login. This feature is very much important, because it saves time. If you forgot the password, you can still login. But if you need the password then what can you do? You can easily see the saved password in Chrome. Follow the steps and reveal it:
Go to Chrome and click here.
open chrome
Click on Settings.
Click on Settings
Now you get Passwords option. Enter it.
get Passwords option
Now you can see the websites where you signed in. Find your expected account or website to know the password and click on it.
select website
At last click on the marked option and verify by password or fingerprint. And you will get the password.
verify security

How to use gestures

For Android mobile another good feature is Gesture. There are many types of Gesture as like:
  • double tap on power button opens the camera;
  • triple tap on home button enables one hand mode;
  • when ringing your phone just invert the mobile and it becomes silent;
There are much more Gesture in your Android mobile. Go to Settings and find out Gestures and here you can see many more gestures. The gestures what you like, enable it.
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How to use Do not disturb mode

All of you us will see the Do not disturb option in the shortcut menu. But maximum users do not know the use of it. It is a very essential feature for professional persons. Using this option, you can get some exclusive advantage
  • You can mute all notifications as long as you wish.
  • You can also mute notifications for specific applications.
  • You can make a schedule to mute notification.
For mass people it is not a useful feature but if you are a professional person, it will help you so much. When you go for an important meeting or for a class you can use it. For students it is also useful. We can use it during our class time.

How to use Developer options

All of us heard the option Developer options, but only a few users know the use of it. There are some amazing features that will surprise you. But you cannot get this feature by default. You have to turn on it on your phone. So, how can you turn on it? Check the steps:
  1. go to Settings
  2. Now open About phone
  3. here you get an option Build number
  4. Press on it 7 or 10 times simultaneously Finally, Developer options will appear
Now take the advantages of developer options. I will make an article on Developer options, then you will get how to use all the features of it.

How to watch new movies on YouTube

YouTube is an open platform to watch videos. Is it too impossible to watch new movies on YouTube? For somebody it is impossible to watch new movies on YouTube. But if you want to watch new movies on YouTube you have to waste time for searching. There is a disadvantage. The video quality will not be so good. But fortunately you can get a good quality video. The main problem is these movies are deleted after sometimes because of copyright issue. So you have search for the movie after sometimes simultaneously. But you can download YouTube videos and watch it as your wish.

How to add Emergency Information

From the version of Android 6 or 7 a new feature has been taken. It is Emergency Information. From the name we can understand something. The advantage of this feature is you can get some information such as name, mobile number, blood group, etc. without unlocking the phone. It is also a very useful feature. We use a password or fingerprint to secure our phone. Let’s think your phone was lost, and a person found it. If you added emergency information in your mobile, then the person easily will contact with you and you will find your phone in short time. The maximum young people are aware of it, but the old persons are not aware of this feature. I suggest my young brothers and sisters, please add emergency information on your parent’s Android mobile.
How can you add emergency information? To add emergency information follow the steps:
  1. go to Settings
  2. then Users or About Phone
  3. find out Emergency Information or Medical Information.
  4. Then add these informations.
If you do not find Emergency Information in those options, then you have to find out Emergency Information option from your phone’s Settings. Note: if you are a Samsung user then you have to add Emergency or Medical information from Contact.

How to use Find My Device

Loss any smartphone with a common incident. But do you know you can easily find your lost phone by following a trick?  Find My Device is familiar with us. It is installed in our Android phone by default.To use it follow the below steps:
  1. go to Settings
  2. then Security
  3. you will find the Find My Device option.
  4. Now you have to turn on it.
It has many exclusive features. If you lost your phone, want to find your lost phone then install Find My Device application from Google Play store in another phone and sign in the email address which is signed to your lost phone. Then you can see your phone’s location if the data or WiFi is on. You can make a call and it rings with full sound. You have to know that in different Android phones the working pattern may be different. But you can know the use of it from your Android phone easily. If you are a Samsung user easily find your lost phone.

Here I discuss with you about some special Android tips. Among some of these Android tips are may be known by you or may not. Use these tips together and become smarter. Best wishes for you.

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