How to delete Bookmarks on Chrome | How to Add Bookmarks

How to delete Bookmarks on Chrome | How to Add Bookmarks
We can add and delete bookmarks on Google Chrome. We get permission to add or delete bookmarks on Chrome as we wish. But, do you know how to add bookmarks on Chrome or how to delete bookmarks on Chrome? Let me know you how to add and delete bookmarks on Chrome.
At first we discuss about the bookmark. So, what is chrome bookmarks?
A bookmark is a saved address of a site to your browser. When we browse any address then sometimes we need to add address to our bookmarks. What is the benefit of adding a bookmark? Simply,
  • When we need to browse the site again, we can find it very easily.
  • There is no chance to lose.
  • It saves our time.
  • We can save it as long as our wish.
In this article we are going to discuss about how to add or delete bookmarks on Chrome.
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How to add bookmarks on Chrome

It is very easy. When we browse a site then we can we see a star mark at the upper portion of Chrome. Just click to the star mark and this address will be saved as bookmark. So, how do you add a bookmark? Let’s check:
  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to the website as you wish.
  3. Click to the 3 dots at the upper-right portion.
  4. At last click to the star mark (☆).
add bookmarks

How to find bookmarks on Chrome

There are two steps to find the bookmarks.
  1. Open the browser Chrome.
  2. Click to the 3 dots option.
  3. Now you will find the option named bookmarks. Just click here, and you find the addresses you saved before.
find bookmarks

How to delete bookmarks on Chrome

So a question will arise. Why do we delete bookmarks on Chrome? There are some reasons to delete bookmarks as like:
  • If the number of bookmarks are so much then we need to delete some bookmarks.
  • Sometime we add address to the bookmark by mistake. This address need to be deleted.
  • Sometimes some address is not so useful as before. So, it would be deleted.
  • There are some other reasons for deleting bookmarks on Chrome.
How can you delete bookmarks on Chrome? It is very easy.
  1. At first go to your browser Chrome.
  2. Then click to the 3 dots.
  3. You in find the option bookmarks. Click here.
  4. You can find all the addresses you saved. Now one step to go. Select the address which you want to delete. Long press on it and you find option to delete it.
delete bookmarks
There is another way to delete bookmarks. Let’s see:
Go to bookmarks.
Now you will see a 3 dots option at the right side of each bookmark. Click here which you want to delete.
And you find delete option and click here.
delete bookmarks

How to delete multiple bookmarks on Chrome

To delete multiple bookmarks long press on a bookmark and you can select multiple bookmarks. Select multiple bookmarks and delete those.

How to delete all bookmarks on Chrome

After selecting a bookmark, you can select all the bookmarks. Then you will delete them easily.

How to search bookmarks on Chrome

You can also find your expected bookmark by searching. Google Chrome give the permission to you.
  1. Just go to the bookmarks.
  2. You will find a search option. Click here.
  3. Then you will easily find your expected bookmark.
search bookmarks

How to make a folder for saved bookmarks

We can make a folder for bookmarks. It has some advantages as like:
We can add the similar bookmarks in a folder.
To find a bookmark is easier.
We can make a folder in this field very easily. Let’s have a look:
  1. Go to bookmarks.
  2. Select the bookmarks to save in a folder.
  3. Now you will find a folder sign. Click here.
  4. Here you will find two options. One is New folder and other is the folders you created before. So if you want save the bookmarks to a new folder then click New folder. Now name the folder and save it.
create folder
In this article we discuss about all things about Chrome bookmarks. Hope it will help you so much. After reading this article you will be able to add and delete bookmarks on Chrome easily.

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