How to add widgets on Android phone

How to add widgets on Android phone
Do you know how to add widgets on an Android phone? Most of us are friendly with the term, but many mobile users don’t know how to add, customise and remove a widget. So, today I am going to explain to you all about widgets. Stay tuned with me and know the tricks on how to add widgets on an android phone, how to customise widgets and how to remove widgets on your Android phone.

What are widgets

A widget is a minor edition of an application. It allows you a specific job to do. Let’s explain it. On your homepage, you must have a digital clock. It is a widget of Clock¬†(an application). Here you can see the time always, but you don’t need to open the main application.

Scan another example. Chrome is a browser application. It provides some widgets. Suppose you add the Chrome search widget to your homepage. Then you can use the Chrome search feature by using this widget. Here you don’t need to go to the main Browser.
These are called widgets. Widgets may be labelled an exclusive feature of the applications on Android phones.

Which applications provide widgets

Almost All applications you are using provide widgets. Some of them provide two or more widgets. For example, Google Map provides six types of widgets.
You will find all widgets that are provided on your Android phone in the same place. But you are able to add more widgets from the application directly.

How to add widgets to your Android

To add a widget on your homepage is a simple task. You can handily do it. Follow the instructions to add a widget on your Android phone:
  1. At first click on free space on your homepage for a few seconds. Then you will find a page.
  2. Here you will find the options widget in the lower portion. Click here.
  3. Now you will get all of the widgets you can use provided by the installed applications.
  4. Choose your widget and click on it.
  5. And you will find “Add” option. By clicking here insert it to your homepage.
    how to add widgets

You can also add widgets from the application.

  1. Firstly click on the application icon for a few seconds.
  2. Then you will find the widget option and click here.
  3. Now you will find all widgets which are provided. Choose one and click on it.
  4. Finally click on “Add” option and insert the widget to your homepage.
    add widgets on Android 12
But there is a problem. If the application doesn’t provide widgets then you don’t find the widget option.
Read more:

How to customize widgets

After inserting those widgets, you can customise them. You may use them on your homepage, or you may use them on another page. You can change their position as your preference.

To change their position, you need to press on the widgets for a few seconds then you can easily change their position to your chosen place without lifting your finger.

You can also resize some of the widgets. So, you need to press on the widget for a few seconds, and you will find the way to resize the widget. Check the picture:

how to organize widgets
You can also change their position from the home page to another page by this method.

How to remove widgets

After adding widgets on the homepage, periodically we need to remove them. To remove a widget is also a very easy task. You may do this task within a few seconds.

  • Just click on the widgets for a few seconds.
  • You will find the remove option.
  • Click on it.
  • You will be able to remove the widget from your homepage on your Android phone.
    how to remove widgets


Why you should use widget

The widgets are a deluxe part of the applications. We can use these without opening the main applications. You will use the widgets for numerous reasons:
  • You can handily operate widgets. There is no complexity.
  • You can execute a particular job of an application through this feature.
  • You don’t need to open the main applications.
  • You can organise all the widgets you use in a place for your work or job.

FAQs on Mobile Phone Widgets

Question: How many widgets do I add to my Android phone?
Answer: There is no limit. You can add widgets as much as your wish. Even you can add the same widgets multiple times.
Question: Have any trouble after using widgets?
Answer: No. You don’t face any troubles after using this feature.
Question: Can I resize all the widgets?
Answer: No, you can resize some of the widgets.
N.B. For this topic, I have used a Samsung Galaxy phone (android 12). Your smartphone may vary, but the main theme will be the same. You can also add widgets, customise widgets or remove widgets with this exact procedure.
In this article, I have reviewed the widgets. Now I am sure, you know how to add widgets, customise widgets and remove widgets easily. Be happy with this Android’s one of the exclusive features.

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