How to delete Instagram story

How to delete Instagram story
“How to delete Instagram story?” is a predominant query for an Instagram user. Deleting Instagram stories is a familiar issue for users. You have to delete Instagram story if you make a mistake.
Instagram story is a cool feature for the users. You can tag someone on story, edit the photo and delete it easily.

How to delete Instagram story

We make missteps here and there in our activities. Making a misstep when posting a story on Instagram is a common experience.

Suppose you have shared unwanted photos in your Instagram story. Now you need to delete them. Because these may harm you or make an unwanted situation for you.

To delete an Instagram story just you shared the instructions are given below:

  1. Go to the story you need to delete and click on the three-dots option at the very lower right portion.
  2. Now you will get some options. Click to Delete.
  3. At last, another option will appear named Delete. Click here and delete it.
    How to delete Instagram story 2022

How to delete highlighted story

You can delete the highlighted story from your profile. Suppose, you have made a mistake by choosing the wrong picture to highlight in your profile. Then you can easily delete this item from your Instagram profile. It is very easy. Just follow the two steps and delete it.
  1. First, go to your Instagram profile. Then choose the highlighted photo to delete and press on it for a few seconds.
  2. Now you will find an option Delete Highlight. Just click here, and this highlighted story will be deleted.
    How to delete Instagram story highlights

How to delete story from archive

Presume you have deleted the highlighted story. Then it will not show on your profile, but you will locate it in your archived story. So, if you want to delete the story from the archive, follow the instructions:
  1. Very first, go to your Instagram profile. Then you will find 3 parallel lines at the right top position. Click here.
  2. Now you will find some options. You have to choose the Archive option.
  3. Here you will find three other options live archive, posts archive and stories archive. You select the stories archive. Now you will find all the stories you shared. Choose your photo to delete.
  4. Click the three-dot option at the very lower right position, and you will find the option Delete, click here and delete the photo.
    How to delete Instagram archive

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