How to download YouTube videos on Android phone

How to download YouTube videos on Android phone

YouTube is one of the most popular media in our modern world. Do you know how to download YouTube videos on Android phone?

We can find anything from YouTube. YouTube is an online platform. Without data we can’t watch videos. So sometimes we need to save YouTube video in our Android phone. But YouTube has no feature to download video. If we can download YouTube video then it will be much better for us. Now I will discuss about how to download video from YouTube in your Android mobile.
We can save videos in YouTube app for offline. Those videos can be watched without data. But there are some problems.
  • all the videos you cannot save
  • those videos will not open on Gallery
  • after some days videos will be automatically deleted
Will you know the YouTube videos can be saved in your Android phone? Let’s discuss about 2 method how you can download videos from YouTube on your Android mobile without using any app.
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How to download Youtube videos on Android phone with y2mate

         At first you need to go YouTube app or YouTube website. Then find your chosen video. Now you need to copy the URL. (If you use YouTube app then at first go to “Share” option and then find “copy link” option and copy the URL.)
        Now you need to open Browser on your Android phone. Then go to
go to

Paste the url that you copied.


Paste the url

Then you see the video information. Scrolling down, you can see some option about video quality. Select an option that you want to download.


Select an option

At last click Download.

click to Download.
Then you can find you desired video on your Android mobile. This video can watch at any time without any data.

How to download YouTube videos on Android phone with ss

          For this you must open your browser. Then go to YouTube website.
open browser


       Find your desired video.
find video

Copy the url.

Copy the url

Then write down ss before youtube in the address bar as given below. And click go.

write down ss
            Now you will be shown a page as below and click Download. Check the video on your phone storage.
click Download

Here are two options for the quality of the video. Here is another feature that you can download video without sound. For this follow the steps:

            Click at the marked option.


click here

You can see various qualities. Select one from this.

                         select quality

Then the video will start. Here you click on the 3 dots option.


click to 3 dots

Finally,  you got the download option and click here to download it.


click to download

How to download YouTube videos on Android phone with apps

You can also download YouTube videos on your Android phone by using application. There are many applications to download video from YouTube. You can use Vidmate or Tubemate app. Those app can be found on Galaxy Store. To download videos on your Android phone follow the steps:

  1. Install the Vidmate or Tubemate app.
  2. Go to YouTube app and find your desired video.
  3. Go to share option and find Vidmate or Tubemate option.
  4. Then you will directly gone to this app. Here you got an option to select video quality.
  5. After selecting quality and can download your desired video.

So, here I discuss two methods to download YouTube videos without any app. You can also use application.

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