How to find Samsung lost phone

How to find Samsung lost phone

Smartphone users are increasing day by day. As increasing smartphones, mobile lost is a common occurrence. You will glad to know that by following some steps you will be able to know how to find Samsung lost phone.

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How to find Samsung lost phone

Sometimes at home we forget where we put our mobile phone. Find your mobile by following these steps. Let’s start:
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How to turn on Find my mobile

At first go to Settings.
go to Settings
Then go to Samsung Account and after scrolling down you will get Find my mobile option. Turn on it.
click here

You will get some other options. Turn on all of these.
turn on these options
You can also Find this option in Biometrics and Security. Go to Biometrics and Security.
Go to Biometrics and Security
You will get the option.
get the option
You should keep in mind some informations to use this feature.
  • Use pin code as security.
  • Turn on data.
Now you can find your lost mobile. To find it what you should do?

Follow the steps to find Samsung lost phone

  1. You have to use another mobile. Open the browser and go to
  2. Log in with your Samsung account and you find a page as below:log in another device
  3. Now go to the option as your need.
  4. You can also log in with Google account.

The advantages you will get:

  • You make a call to your lost phone, and it sounds at maximum level even it is in vibrate or mute mode.
  • You can find your phone’s location. 
  • You can lock or unlock your phone.
  • You can erase all your data.
If you lost your phone at home, you can find it by sound and if your mobile is theft, you can find it by location. Turn on this option and secure your phone.

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