How to hyperlink in Gmail

How to hyperlink in Gmail
Do you know how to hyperlink in Gmail? Nowadays every techy people uses mail to contact each other to transfer files and for another purpose.
Today I am going to introduce you to a remarkable trick that every mail user should know.
Can you guess what am I going to talking about?
Yeah! I am going to know the way how to hyperlink in Gmail.

How to hyperlink in Gmail

Do you know what is a hyperlink? If you are familiar with technology then u may hear this term.
You must have seen a clickable text, and if we click on that, this sends us to another web page, this is called a hyperlink.
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In another word, linking a page in a text is called a hyperlink.
Let’s see an example. We have discussed How to create a Gmail account without mobile number . Now if you click on this orange coloured text, then another page will open. And this is the hyperlinking.
Sometimes we notice the blue-coloured text in an article. When clicking on the text, we go to another webpage. This text is known as a hyperlink. So, a hyperlink is a text, image or symbol that links another webpage or document.

How to text hyperlinks in Gmail by mobile

Are you know the fact that you can hyperlink in a mail? If you need to send a mail with a hyperlink then you can learn the trick. For this purpose, I use the Gmail app. With this app, you can hyperlink in a mail by mobile phone.
To hyperlink a text in a mail by Gmail app follow the instructions:
  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Now write the address of the website. You can copy any link, you want to send and just paste it here. You can also write a message as your wish.
  3. Now draft the message.
  4. Open the message again. Here you will see the address is blue-coloured. Now apply that main trick. Write the text which you want to show others in the address. And delete the other words in the address except for the text you write later.
  5. Now you send your mail to the desired person.
how to text hyperlink
So, when your mail delivered to the person, he/she finds the blue cloured hyperlink text. After clicking the text, the person will go to the link you empowered.
You can also use the web version of Gmail. The operation is the same.

How to image hyperlink in PC

Do you know how to image hyperlink on PC? Image hyperlink is a notable strategy. But the process is not so difficult. You can make it effortlessly. So, commemorate the steps and learn the trick.
  1. Open Gmail and start composing a message.
  2. Click here to add a picture.
    click to insert a photo


  3. Now you have to select the inline option. Select a photo and upload it. Here this photo will not upload as a downloadable file.
    insert a photo


  4. You can resize the photo. Gmail app permits you to change the size of the photo. Select the photo and click here.
    select photo


  5. Now select the photo and click on the marked option. Put the web address you want to clarify.
    insert link


  6. At last, you can send the message. And the receiver got an image hyperlinked mail.
I am sure that you adopt a great trick. After reading this you will know the trick how to hyperlink in Gmail. You can make both text and image hyperlinks.
So, what are you feeling now after knowing about the great trick. Please comment how much did you like how to hyperlink in Gmail.

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