How to lock your Facebook profile

How to lock your Facebook profile
Are you distressed about the security of your Facebook profile? Don’t get so tense. Facebook gave you a security feature named lock your Facebook profile. Now you can lock your Facebook profile and outsiders do not get your photos and more information on Facebook.

How to lock your Facebook profile

Today I am going to talk about the lock your Facebook profile feature. We’ve all got a Facebook account. Facebook is an enormous social media. We cannot move through a single day without using Facebook.

Though Facebook is a large social media there is a great burden for the users about the security. The security of Facebook is not so strong. But Facebook inaugurated a security feature called lock your Facebook profile. It has some exclusive features. Let’s have a glance at these:
  • Outsiders are not able to view stories and full-sized profile pictures.
  • The post you shared as public will automatically be shared only with your friends.
  • Strangers can watch a small portion of your personal information.
  • Nobody except your friend can download your photos.
  • If someone will tag, you will be notified.
Being a user, we need to post on Facebook and we have faced many troubles. Our information, photos, videos are public and may be snatched by someone. It may abuse us. Sometimes we are got blackmailed. Facebook users especially female users suffer from this. Now it is a great opportunity to be safe on Facebook. We get more security in this social platform by using the lock your Facebook profile feature.

How to lock your Facebook profile on Android

It is a very easy process. You will make it enable within one minute or less. Follow the steps to lock your Facebook profile:
  1. Open your Facebook profile. Then you will a three dots option and click here.
  2. Now you will get many options. There you will find the Lock Profile option, click here.
  3. Now you will direct another page and at the bottom of the page, you get an option and click on it.
    How to lock Profile in Facebook 2022
You have locked your Facebook profile. It will take less than one minute.  You can secure your Facebook account within one minute.
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Advantages of lock your Facebook profile feature

You will get several security issues by using this feature. Some benefits of lock your Facebook profile feature are illustrated here:
  • As the public cannot access your profile, you are almost safe. Nobody except your friends can’t excess your information.
  • Nobody except your friend can download your photos. So you may feel safe by using this feature. There is no opportunity to steal your information, photos or videos from outsiders.
  • If someone tag you, will be notified and you can remove the tag as your wish. So, it is also a great opportunity to remove you from unfair tags.

Disadvantages of lock your Facebook profile feature

In my opinion, this feature has some disadvantages also. Let’s talk about them.
  • If you use the lock your Facebook profile feature, a familiar person may not verify you. Suppose you have a friend and are not in contact. So, if he/she discovers you on Facebook he/she may not recognise you because he/she doesn’t get full information and photos of you.
  • If you lock your Facebook profile and request a person, then he/she may not identify you.
  • If anyone locks his/her Facebook profile and send you a friend request, you may not verify him/her.
In my opinion, it is a very initiative step taken by Facebook. It is a very useful feature for a user, especially a female user. You can easily use this feature there is no complexity.

How to unlock your Facebook profile

If you want to unlock your Facebook profile follow the steps:

  1. Open your Facebook profile and go to the three dots option. Now you will find an option named Unlock Profile. click here.
  2. A new page will be opened and click on the Unlock option.
  3. At last click to the option at the bottom portion of the page.
    How to lock Facebook profile in mobile
If you need urgently to unlock your Facebook profile you may proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: Is there any change in settings after locking the profile?
Answer: Yes. You will get some changes in settings. The post you have shared as public will be automatically shifted to friends. Review and tag will be turned on.
Question: Can anybody find my id on Facebook?
Answer: Anyone will be able to find your id on Facebook but can’t access your photos or more information.
Question: Can anyone download my photos?
Answer: Only your friends can download your photos or videos.
Question: Can I face troubles after using this feature?
Answer: After using this feature you may not recognise your friend’s id or your friend may not recognise your id on Facebook. Without this problem, it is very useful to use.
Question: If I unlock my profile the settings will remain the same or not?
Answer: Suppose your privacy for sharing posts is public. When you lock your Facebook profile your privacy settings for sharing posts will be changed to friends. Now if you unlock your Facebook profile these privacy settings will be the same as before or the privacy settings will remain public. But after locking your profile you change other settings then it will be the same as you changed.
In this writing, I have discussed all facts of the lock your Facebook profile feature. Without any doubt, you will use this exclusive feature. But as your wish, you may ignore it. Are you going to use it or not is depend on you.
Have a good day. Ta-da.

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