How to make phone faster

How to make phone faster

Do you know you are mainly responsible to make your mobile being slow? Do you know how to make phone faster? By following some steps,  you can make your phone faster very easily.

After considering many things, we buy a smartphone. But most of the time after using some days, it seems that the smartphone becomes slow. What is the reason? When we buy the smartphone, it was too good.
But after some days what happened with this smartphone? These types of questions are other common for the new users.

How to make phone faster

Sometimes the smartphone company is responsible for this and most of the time we are responsible to slow the smartphone. If you want to know how to make phone faster, follow the rules.
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Now I am going to share with you some of steps how to make phone faster.

Uninstall unnecessary apps.

When we buy a new smartphone, there are many unnecessary apps are installed. At first uninstall these apps. If you think that I do not use the app, so it will not be harmful for my mobile. But you have to know that those kind of apps are run in the background for 24 hours. They are simultaneously stealing your data. As those apps are running, they use your processor and finally your phone will slow. So don’t forget to uninstall unnecessary apps. You need to install any app from a valid source like Google Play Store, Galaxy Store, App Store, etc.

Try to avoid the additional launcher, theme and font.

When we buy a new smartphone, it is a common fact that we are willing to use live wallpaper, highly qualified theme and an attractive font. When we download them, they are very small in size. But they are not actually in this size. They take a huge storage of RAM. Try to avoid these kinds of Launcher, theme and font to make better performance of your mobile.

Don’t use Storage booster or RAM Booster.

Sometimes we use additional storage booster or RAM booster to boost our RAM. The animation of those apps is so good. But using this kind of applications is not useful for your smartphone. When we use a storage booster application, it forcefully stops other applications which is not appropriate for our mobile phone. Additionally it takes storage and run in the background always. So it uses your processor always and makes your phone slow. An information that you should know, the Android version we used has the ability to boost your phone memory when needed.

Delete unnecessary data

To make your mobile faster you need to delete unnecessary data as like images, files, videos, etc. If your phone storage is almost full, then it will be getting slow. You can delete cache data to free up space. When we use apps, the cache data increased gradually. After a few days you delete those data. How can you delete those data? Go to Settings and then Memory. If you don’t find any option to delete cache data in the Settings, then you need to go to the application and you can delete cache data. Empty the Recycle Bin everyday. If files are in Recycle Bin, they also use storage.

Reset your mobile.

You reset your mobile phone in every six months and get a fresh start. When you erase all the data, then virus or malware, some unnecessary data are also be deleted. It is very helpful for your device.
7 other special tips to make your mobile faster:
  1. You can set a limit how much application will play in the background. For this you need to enable Developer Options. Enable Developer Options and set a limit for applications.
  2. If you reboot your phone once for ever yday it will perform better.
  3. You can restrict applications to run and use mobile data in the background.
  4. If you use Wi-Fi, then never save YouTube videos for offline. By this you can save storage.
  5. Try to avoid using memory card. Because the processor used in our mobile phone faster than memory card. So to get data from memory card, your phone will slow.
  6. You may use online to tools rather than using an application. But if you feel more comfort with using application then you can use it.
  7. Keep your all applications and software up to date.
Sometimes we make our mobile bejng slow. Don’t make the mistakes again. You have know how to make phone faster and following the steps, make your phone faster.
Have a good day. Bye.

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