How to post on Facebook

How to post on Facebook
We are making post on Facebook now and then. It has become a trend to post on Facebook about our daily life or daily activities. Most of us have an account on the Facebook platform. So, in every second facebook realises thousands of posts.
In this article, I am going to discuss how to post on Facebook? Everyone knows how to post on Facebook, and you do it every day.

How to post on Facebook

So, “how to post on Facebook?” this question is not so appropriate for you. You can laugh at me. But I am going to share with you all the features you should know when you post on Facebook. So, check all the gadgets when sharing a post.
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When sharing a post, we get many options, but we do not glimpse them carefully or do not understand. Now I am going to explain all these options to you.

How to post on Facebook profile

It is a very easy task.
  1. Open the Facebook app or go to the browser and go to your Facebook profile.
  2. Then you will find “What’s on your mind?” Click here.
    How to post on Facebook profile


  3. Wright here what you want to share with others and click to Post at the upper right portion.
That done. You make a post on Facebook.
Now let’s see the other options that you should know.
How to post on Facebook wall
Look at this picture carefully. Here you will get many gadgets. You have got many features when posting.


I am sure it is the most important feature for you. Here you can select the persons who can see your post. You will get some options. If you want to make your post public then select Public. If you want to share your post with your friends then select Friends. You also get some advanced features. You can restrict your specific friends from viewing your post. You can select your specific friends or group of friends to share the post. So, as your wish, you make your privacy.
You will find the option to change privacy just below your profile name.

Write your post

On the page, you get a box to write the post. You can write as your wish. There are no terms and conditions. You can also add emoji or other special symbols. You can use your mother tongue or other languages.

Add photos or videos

You can upload photos or videos to your post. Facebook approves you to add photos or videos. So, as your wish add photos or videos. You can add photos and videos at a time on the same post.

Tag your friends

You can tag your friends on a post. Here you can tag multiple friends at a time. When you tag a friend and if he/she accepts it then this post will show in his/her Facebook profile.

Add feeling or activity

Suppose you get a job. Now you are so excited. You can share this feeling on Facebook. Or, you are going to make a travel. You can also share this on Facebook. Here you can share your feeling or activity.


You can use this feature in your post. Check-in means adding a location. Why adding a location? By using this feature, you can let know your location to others. So, if you want to share your location with others you can use this feature.

Change background colour

When sharing a post, you will find this option. When you write a post, you can change the background of it. There are many whole scenes. Use a scene as your desire.


GIF stands for graphics interchange format. What is the GIF? GIF is just a static or animated image. It is used for communicating jokes, emotions and ideas.

Use camera instantly

Suppose you want to add a picture to your post, but you don’t get any picture on your device. So what do you do then? Don’t get tensed. You can use the camera instantly to take pictures and upload them.

Sell something on Facebook

Facebook allows you to sell products through Facebook. Give the information about your product and share the post. If you need to sell something online,  use the feature.

Create an album

When uploading photos or videos, you can save this on an album. Here you can save the photos or videos on a saved album or you can create a new album.
You can use these features at a time in the same post.

Go for a live session

You can make a live session through Facebook. On the live session, you can use filters, add another friend, make a headline, etc. When the live session is going for, your friends can comment and you may make a reply. After the ending of the live session, you can save the video. It will be saved to your Facebook profile, and you can see this video in future.

Ask for a recommendation

By using this feature, you can get a recommendation from your Facebook friends.
Suppose, you go to a new place for a tour. Now you want to take a meal from a nearby restaurant. But you don’t know where is it. If you share a post using this feature to know the direction of a restaurant, your friends will help you to find it.

Host a Q&A session

This feature is mainly for business purposes. Here you can suggest your friends inquire questions and you will provide the answers. Without a business purpose, you can also use this feature.

How to post on a Facebook page

Now you will get the direction to post on a page. All of us have heard about the Facebook page, even you may have a Facebook page.

What is a Facebook page

I am sure that you have a clear idea about the Facebook page. Here is a short discussion about a Facebook page.
Facebook page is a public profile specially created for businesses, celebrities, brands organisations, etc. You can interact with the page as same as your profile. You can update status, links, photos, videos or share another post also.
In the profile we can make friends on the other hand for a Facebook page, friends are not valid but you become a fan of the profile by liking the page. There is no limit to fans. It is the main advantage of having a Facebook page because in a Facebook profile we can add just 5,000 friends.
Sometimes we need to post on a page. So how could you do this? It is very simple.
  1. Just go to the page.
  2. Then you will find a description box. If you do not find this box, click on posts. Then you will find a box.
  3. Now to post on this page is the same as posting on your profile.
post in a facebook page

Here you will get almost all the features as same as posting on your Facebook profile. You can make a poll.

How to post on a Facebook group

Do you know how to post on a Facebook group? Post on a Facebook group is the same as posting on a page. Take a glimpse at the Facebook group.
Facebook group is a space on social media where many people with the same interest can connect. And they can share their opinions, interests, ideas, etc. A Facebook group is created for many purposes including business purposes, social help, communicating with others, etc.
To post on a Facebook group is as same as posting on a Facebook page.
  1. Go to the group.
  2. You will find a box. Click here and make a post as your need.
post in a facebook group
You will get all the options as like your profile and page to make a post. Use the attributes as your intention.

Differences between Facebook page and Facebook group

In many cases, a Facebook page and a Facebook group are the same but there are many differences.
Pages and groups may be created for the same purposes as like for a business or other purposes.
A page is created to spread products among the users but a group is created for collecting information about the user experience of the products.
You become a fan of a page by liking the page, and you will get all the updates of the page. For a Facebook group, at first, you need to join the group.
A Facebook page is a public figure but a Facebook group has more privacy. You can hide it from others, supervise the users.
There is no variation in a Facebook page but Facebook groups are different types. These are the Public group(anyone can join and post) , the Open group(no limitation on joining and posting but can limit the members) , the Closed group(anybody can’t join but can see the group) and the Secret group(without being members nobody can find it).
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How to share a post on Facebook

Sometimes we need to share other posts. It is the easiest task. When we see a post on Facebook then, we get a share option just below the post. By clicking here you can share the post. But where can you share the post?
  • You can share this post on your Facebook profile.
  • You can share the post on a Facebook page.
  • You can share the post on a Facebook group.
  • You can copy the link of the post and share it by sharing media.
When posting you can add texts, emoji, photos or videos. You can also tag your friends.

How to share a post from your page

Suppose you have a Facebook page for your business. Now you want to share a post to your Facebook profile from your page. So, how will you perform this? Follow the steps to share the post from your page.
  1. Go to the post you want to share.
  2. Click on the share option.
  3. Now you will find some options to share. Click to Write Post.
  4. You will preview the post. Click to post at the upper right corner. You can add texts or tag friends.
  5. If you want to post the original post to your profile, click the three-dot option. Now you will find two options. Select Include Original Post.
How do I share post from my page to my timeline
Here I have discussed all the prospects of how to post on Facebook and share a post on Facebook. Some techniques may be known by you before, but I am sure that some of these techniques are unknown to you.
I hope after reading this article, you will be known about all the features how to post on Facebook. Stay safe and enjoy social media. Bye.

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