How to tag someone on Instagram story

How to tag someone on Instagram story
Do you ever want to tag someone on your Instagram story? The answer will always be yes. Nowadays tagging on Instagram stories is a usual topic. We always share stories on Social media. So, tagging on Instagram is very common among us. Let’s know how to tag someone on Instagram story.
Tagging is an exclusive feature for Instagram or any social site. The sharing story is also a calm feature. A story is a post only for 24 hours. We can glimpse it only for a day.

What is Tagging

The meaning of the word tag is to tie anything. For social media, tagging means to bound any person on your post. When you tagged anyone, the tagged person is notified and is a part of the post. This post also is shown on his/her profile.
There is scope to remove the tag. Suppose, you have tagged any person on your Instagram post. He/she can remove the tag if it is not ok for him/her. And there are some barriers when tagging. You cannot tag all the persons for security purposes.

How to tag someone on Instagram story

To tag someone on Instagram story is not a tough task. You can handily do this. Fulfil the instructions to tag someone on Instagram story:
  1. Open the Instagram application.
  2. Click on the marked option.
  3. Now you need to select pictures for your Instagram story.
  4. Click here as mentioned and you will find a page where you will find many features.
  5. You need to click on the @Mention option.
  6. Here you will find a search bar and you need to search for the username of the person.
  7. Now select the person and share your Instagram story.
    how to tag someone on instagram story
So, hope you have comprehended the trick. Here you will get many other features for your Instagram story. You can use one or more features at a time on a single story. Make your story as your intention and share it on Instagram.

How to tag someone on Instagram story after posting

Suppose, you have already shared your story but forget to tag your friends. And you want to tag him/her to your story. Do you think to delete the post and repost it with tagging? Don’t need to delete the post. Instagram permits you to tag anyone on Instagram story after posting. Follow the schoolings and tag your friends on your shared story:
  1. First, go to the story you have shared.
  2. You need to click on the three dots option and you will find the option Add Mentions. Click here.
  3. Now a search bar appears. Search your friend and mention him/her.
    how to tag someone on instagram story after posting
So, if you skip tagging friends on your Instagram story, don’t need to delete it. Tag your friends after posting by following the restrictions.

When should we tag someone?

Almost all of us are familiar with tagging. Instagram story is a cool feature. We can post a story for 24 hours. Within this time limit, our friends and followers can glimpse the stories. They can react to our story and can send messages privately.
In our story, we can tag others. There are many reasons to tag:
  • To tribute anyone.
  • Sometimes we tag to thank someone.
  • We tag someone for advertising or publicity.
  • Sometimes we tag someone for exposing a brand.
  • We also tag friends for enriching friendships.
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FAQs about tagging on Instagram story

Question: What happened after tagging someone?
Answer: When you tagged someone on your story, he/she is involved with your post. Your followers see your story then they find the profile of the tagged person. They will be known to him/her through your post. Again the tagged person also gets notified through a message.
Question: How many friends do I tag at a single story?
Answer: You can tag your friends as much as you can.
Question: Can I tag more friends on Instagram story after posting?
Answer: Yes, you can. Instagram allows you to do this task.
Question: Can I tag persons who are not my friends?
Answer: Yes, you can tag unknown persons. But you cannot tag any private account.
Question: Can I limit the audience to see my Instagram story?
Answer: Yes, of course. You can select the individuals who can watch your story.
Question: Can I remove the tag after posting a story?
Answer: No, there is no option to remove the tag after posting the story.
You have known to the trick. Now you know how to tag someone on Instagram story. Tag your friends and be happy.

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