How to tag someone on Instagram

How to tag someone on Instagram

Tagging on Instagram is a very common matter for users. You are an Instagram user but never tag anyone is unbelievable. If you want to know how to tag someone on Instagram, you proceed.

So, in this writing I am going to share with you how to tag someone on Instagram such as in posts, comments so on. Stay tuned.

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How to tag someone on Instagram

Tagging on Instagram story, posts or comments are done millions of time within a second. So, why are you lagging? Know the trick and tag your friends on Instagram.

How to tag someone on an Instagram post

Sometimes it is a must to tag on an Instagram post. We usually tag or mention any person for thanking him for marketing purposes or other reasons. Let’s glimpse how to tag someone on an Instagram post:
  1. At first, open Instagram and click on the plus icon at the lower middle portion.
  2. Now select the photo or photos. Here you will find many filters to edit the photo. Go ahead, and you will find an option Tag People. Click here.
  3. Now you will have another option Add Tag. Click here and select the person in your photo.
  4. Now you need to search for your friend’s Instagram id whom you select on the photo and select it.
  5. Thus, you can tag as many as people remain in the photo.
    why can't I tag someone on Instagram
So, you tag your friends on your Instagram post. You can see this on your Instagram profile.

How to tag someone on comments

For emergencies or fun, we tag friends in the comments. You should know how to tag someone in comments on Instagram. It is only two steps.
  1. Go to the comment section where you want to tag.
  2. Now insert @ sign on the comments bar and write the name of your friend’s Instagram id. Then you will find your desired Instagram id and select it.
Note: You don’t need to write the full name. When the first few words were inserted, you will find the relative ids. Then you can select your chosen id.
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More Queries about tagging on Instagram

Query: Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?
Answer: If anyone restricts him from tagging, you can’t tag him. Anyone can restrict him from tagging on Instagram from Settings.
Query: What happened after tagging someone on a post on Instagram?
Answer: When you have tagged people on your post, the persons will be a part of your post. Everyone can see their id with your post. And the post also is shown on their profile.
Query: Can I remove the tag after posting?
Answer: Yes, you can remove the tag after posting. Suppose, you have tagged three people on a post. Then you can remove one or more tags or all these tags.
Query: Can I tag someone on other’s post?
Answer: No, Instagram doesn’t permit you to do so.
Query: Can I remove myself from a tagged post?
Answer: Yes, you can tag yourself from the post. Just go to the post, and you will find an option to remove yourself from a tag. So, remove tags from the posts which you don’t like.
Query: Can I restrict persons from tagging me on posts?
Answer: Yes, you can restrict persons from tagging. You can set it from Settings.
After reviewing this article, you will be able to know how to tag someone on Instagram. So, tag your friends on Instagram and make yourself a smart guy. Have a nice day. Ta-da.

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