How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

When we shift to a new mobile phone, then we face many problems. You need to know how to transfer contacts from Android to Android. I think it is the first step while starting with a new mobile phone.

In our mobile phone there are many contacts. We cannot memorize all the numbers. So, do you understand the importance of transferring contact to the new mobile phone is?

Do you know you can easily transfer your contacts from old device to new device? The process can be done by some ways. Let’s start how to transfer contacts from Android to Android:

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android by sharing media?

At first you need to transfer the contacts through the VCF file to your desired smartphone,  then import it to the phone book.
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How to transfer the contacts to the desired phone

Go to Contacts
Go to Contacts
Click here (the three dots)
Click to the three dots
Click to Share contacts
Click to Share contacts
Mark the contacts you want to transfer. And finally click to Share.
Mark the contacts
Now you will see all sharing media by which you can transfer. Here all of your contacts are in a VCF file. You can share this file by Bluetooth, by Nearby share, by Quick share, by WhatsApp message, by Email or by Drive.

How to import contacts to the phonebook

When you transfer this VCF file in the new phone, you will find it on your phone storage. Now you have to forward another step to access all your contacts. You can do it by two processess.
First, you go to phone storage and find the file you need to send. Now click on it and import all the contacts to the phonebook.
find the file


Second, go to Contacts and find the option Import or Export contacts. Click on it.


click to Import or Export contacts


Now click to Import
click to Import
Now select the phone storage as where you save the VCF file.
select the phone storage


Select the VCF file and click Done.
click Done


You can access all the contacts to your new handset.
Note: You can select contacts by long press on a contact. When you select the contacts, then you have to click on Share. The remaining steps are the same.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android by VCF file

At first go to Contacts. Find the option Export or Import contacts and click here.
click here
Now click to Export
click to Export

Select Internal storage and click on Export.

Select Internal storage


After click on OK
click on OK

You have done it. Now all of your contacts are saved in a VCF file, and it is located on your phone storage. Now you can share this VCF file as your wish. If your handset is USB cable supported, then you can share this file by USB cable also.

When you transfer this file to your desired mobile, to import contacts on your phonebook is the same.

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android by Gmail account

You can transfer contacts by Gmail account very easily. You must have to create a gmail account or saved a gmail account on your device. But for this you have to follow some specific steps. Now-a-days we save our contacts in a Gmail account.
If we save our contacts in a Gmail account and this Gmail account will be signed into the new handset, we find all the contacts. But in this method sync is necessary. For sync follow the below steps:
Go to Settings and click on Accounts and backup.
Go to Settings

Now select the email account what is used for saving contacts.

select the email account


Here you will see a page as below. Click to Sync account.


Click to Sync account


Turn on the option for Contacts is must.
Turn on the options


Now sign in with the same Gmail account in the new handset and get all the contacts.
But if the Gmail account are not used for save contacts, then what should we do? It is also simple. Go to Contacts and move all the contacts to this Gmail account and sync it. After signing in with this Gmail account on a handset, the contacts are shown in the phone.
The options may be different in many smartphones, but the main theme is the same. Here we discuss about some methods by which you can transfer contacts from one Android phone to another Android phone. In these methods one method may be easy to you, or one method may be difficult for you. We try to share with you all the methods by which you can transfer contacts. Follow the method which is better and easy to you.

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