What does CC/ BCC mean in email

What does CC/ BCC mean in email


What does CC/ BCC mean in email, We are using email every day. We use email for sending message. You have heard the name of Gmail. It is a email of Google. Do you know what does CC mean in email or what does BCC mean in email or TO in email?

Sometimes it is very urgent to send messages by email. Many people use Gmail for conversation. Most of the time it is done in professional cases. So the importance of email is immense. But many people do not know the correct use of TO, CC or BCC. In this article, I am introducing you what does TO, CC and BCC mean in email.

What does CC mean in email

Cc means carbon copy. The use of Cc is almost same as To. While composing an email, you can use To and Cc at a time.
If you expect a reply then place the email address on To but if you do not wish a reply but just to inform anyone, you should place the email address on Cc. It is the main difference between To and Cc.
But everybody will see everyone’s email address. And all of them make a reply with anyone.
Let’s explain it. Suppose you are an employee in a company. Now you have to send message to your junior. But you want to inform your senior about this message. Now you will place the email address of your junior on the To section and place the email address of your senior on the Cc section. Thus, the Cc holder will know about the message. You also can place multiple email addresses on Cc section.

What does BCC mean in email

Bcc means blind carbon copy. It is more secure than To and Cc. When you send message to multiple persons by using Bcc then anybody cannot see others email address and they cannot see others reply. If you want to send messages to many persons but you want that nobody will know about each other then you will use Bcc option.
You can also use To, Cc and Bcc at a same time. When you use all three features at a time then Bcc holders will be able to see the email address which are placed in To and Cc sections and they cannot see the other Bcc holders email address and they are not able to see the reply of others. If any Bcc holders make a reply then without you nobody cannot see the reply.
If you use only Bcc option then any Bcc holders will know that only he/she gets the massage.
Using Bcc you can ensure privacy.

What does TO mean in email

As usual where a message to be sent is defined as To. For Gmail the case is the same. Suppose you want to send an information to your friend. So when you compose an email then To field is filled up by your friend’s email. So your friend will get the message. I hope you realise the use of To on Gmail.
You can send message to multiple persons by using To. Just place the email addresses in which you want to send message. Then the email address holders will get the same message.
There is a problem. It is a privacy issue. If you send messages to multiple recipients, then everyone will see everyone’s email address and they can reply anybody.
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How to use To, Cc, and Bcc

  1. Go to Gmail app.
  2. Then you will find Compose option and click here.
  3. Now you will be seen a page as below. Click to the marked option.click here
  4. Now you will get the all options. select options
  5. You use To, Cc or Bcc as your need.

Some other tips you should know

  • You can make any combination using these three options.
  • While conversation with multiple persons then anybody will make a private reply to any other person or multiple persons.
  • Bcc holders cannot see each others email address.


So, What’s the summary? When You are expecting reply? If expecting a reply use To, just inform to any person expecting no reply use Cc and to make a private conversation use Bcc.
Now, you are well known about what does CC or BCC mean on email. Use CC, BCC ot TO appropriately for your professional work.

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