What is vanish mode on messenger

What is vanish mode on messenger

Meta has updated a new element on the messenger, and it is vanish mode. So, what is vanish mode on messenger? You will be known to it. Vanish mode is a cool feature for messenger. It is such a feature that messages are deleted after these are seen. In this article, I am going to share with you everything about vanish mode messenger.

Disappearing messages is not new in social media. Meta has incorporated this feature in its era. If you want to chat personally without informing others, you can safely use vanish mode messenger feature. Here messages are automatically deleted after the other person has seen them.

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Benefits of vanish mode messenger

You have already discovered what is vanish mode on messenger. Now you may consult me, should I use this feature? It is a decent question. Disappearing messages on chat is an exclusive feature. It gives you additional privacy. A glimpse at the privileges of the vanish mode messenger:
  • As the messages are deleted after some time, it provides you with more security.
  • You can chat secretly with this feature. Nobody can get you.
  • If the other person takes a screenshot, you will be notified and vice versa.
  • There is very less possibility to leak the conversation.

How to turn on vanish mode messenger

Suppose, you don’t know or forget about vanish mode messenger. Then follow the instructions and easily use this feature:
  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. Find out the person whom with you prefer to chat with vanish mode.
  3. Now you will find the prior chat. Click on the screen and swipe up for a few seconds.
  4. Now release the finger from the screen and vanish mode will activate.
    vanish mode messenger
You have turned on vanish mode messenger and can use this exclusive feature.
You can turn on this feature in another way.
  1. First, open a chat conversation for your chosen person.
  2. You will find an icon at the very top right portion. Click here.
  3. Scrolling down, you will find the vanish mode option. Click here and turn on vanish mode.
    how to turn on vanish mode in messenger

How to turn off vanish mode messenger

Turning off this feature is easier.

When you chat with the person using vanish mode, you will find the option named Turn Off Vanish Mode. Just click here. Vanish mode will be turned off.

messenger vanish mode
You can also turn off vanish mode in two other ways. When vanish mode is turned on, the display will be dark.
  1. At first, open the chat conversation.
  2. You will find the icon at the very top right portion. Click here.
  3. Scrolling down, you will find the Vanish mode option as before. Click here and turn off vanish mode.
    how to turn off vanish mode on messenger
Try another way.
When chatting through vanish mode, press on the screen, swipe up for a few seconds and realise it. Then vanish mode will be turned off. Picture is attached before.
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Limitations of vanish mode messenger

Though this feature is amazing, it has some constraints also. Let’s a glimpse of them:
  • You cannot chat with a group with this feature.
  • You cannot make an audio or video call.
  • You cannot send messages through vanish mode to a person you don’t chat with before.
  • You can’t save, copy or forward the messages.
  • Every time you need to activate this feature for chatting.

More queries about vanish mode messenger

Query: What types of messages can I send through vanish mode?
Answer: You can send all kinds of messages like texts, pictures, stickers, GIFs etc.
Query: When I turned on vanish mode what happened to my regular chat?
Answer: Your regular chat will remain the same. Turn on vanish mode, chat with the person and then the messages will automatically be deleted and your regular chat remains the same as the prior.
Query: Can I chat with multiple persons through this feature?
Answer: Yes. You can chat with multiple persons at a time through vanish mode messenger but cannot start a group chat.
Query: Is there any way to get my disappeared chat?
Answer: No. This feature doesn’t allow this.
Query: Is there any chance to leak the conversation?
Answer: When vanish mode is turned off, the messages will be automatically deleted. But the other person can take a screenshot when you send the message. Thus, the conversation may be leaked. You will be notified when taking screenshots. An opinion for you, use this feature only for a trustee person.
Query: What happened if the other person doesn’t activate vanish mode?
Answer: Suppose you have sent a message to the person, but he/she doesn’t open vanish mode. Then he will be notified, but can’t access the message until the vanish mode is turned on. But he can send you messages as regular. When he/she turns on the vanish mode, he/she can see the messages.
If you need to chat privately for personal reasons or business or other purposes, you may try to vanish mode messenger safely. Have a nice day! Ta-da.

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